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Medical Institution, is designed for students of all medical fields. Medical Institution offers; free medical video tutorials, super easy medical mnemonics, medical questions, medical articles, book suggestions and much more…

Our Mission:

We understand the value of each student and we know that there are many students out there with great potentials, who are very well capable of changing the way we think of medicine in the future. Our mission is very simple, we want to help as many students as we possibly can regardless of where you live on our planet and have a part in your future success.

Please SHARE our channel with your friends and colleagues, who are also in the field of medicine. This is an ongoing and developing project, so we ask for your input. Please contact us, if you feel there is something that would make Medical Institution a better resource. We would love to hear from you.


Thank you for your support and best of luck in your endeavors.


Medical Institution
Ali Feili, MBA, MD