Assault Rape Mnemonic – USMLE Step 2 CS Mnemonics

Assault/Rape Mnemonic:

Having trouble remembering all the important questions to ask during your patient encounter? Then try this Assault Rape Mnemonic for USMLE Step 2 CS.

Assault Rape Mnemonic-BEST USMLE Step 2 CS Mnemonics - Medical Institution

Assault Rape Mnemonic – BEST USMLE Step 2 CS Mnemonics

  • Loss of consciousness, Dizziness
  • Weakness/Numbness
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Changes in vision
  • Blood in urine/stool
PHYSICAL EXAMINATION for Assault Rape Mnemonic 
NOTE: Make sure to wash your hands or wear gloves before you start physical examination. Make sure to ask for permission before you start each physical exam. Make sure to use proper draping (don’t forget to tie back patient’s gown). Make sure to explain each physical examination in layman’s term to your patient. Do NOT repeat painful maneuvers.

  • Head & Neck exam: Inspection, Palpitation (Look for signs of head trauma)
  • Mouth exam: Inspection
  • Cardiovascular exam: Inspection, Auscultation, Palpation, Percussion 
  • Pulmonary exam: Inspection, Auscultation, Palpation, Percussion, Tactile Fremitus. (Especially in a patient with SOB & Chest pain)
  • Abdominal exam:  Inspection, Auscultation, Palpation, spleen
  • Neurologic exam: Mini Mental Status Exam, Cranial nerves (2-12), Gross Motor & Sensory
  • Musculoskeletal exam: Inspection, Palpitation (look for bruises and trauma)
DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS for Assault Rape Mnemonic
  • This section depends on patient’s Chief Complaint. For example Chest pain, Abdominal pain, Headache, Loss of consciousness and…

ALWAYS include the following in your Differential Diagnosis:

  • Sexually Transmitted Infection
  • Pregnancy
DIAGNOSTIC WORK UP for Assault Rape Mnemonic
  • Pelvic exam
  • Urine Beta-hCG
  • Wet mount, KOH prep, Cervical Culture, Vaginal pH
  • XR-Skeletal survey
  • HIV antibody, VDRL, HBV antigen
  • Chest X-ray
IMPORTANT NOTEAssault Rape Mnemonic
  • Make sure to show empathy.
  • If patient is crying offer her tissue & water and let her finish crying.
  • Support the patient by letting her know that you are here for her and that what happened to her was not her fault and could have happened to anyone.
  • Encourage her to report the incident to the police if she/he hasn’t already done so.
  • Offer her emergency contraceptives.
  • Let her know that you are going to let the social worker come and talk to her and provide her with phone numbers for support groups and other resources.


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Assault Rape Mnemonic.


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